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I wanna make you feel beautiful

Why is it suddenly ok to hate on skinny girls, especially white skinny girls.. like for people that know me, im not “big” but im not “tiny” either, im just kinda average. BUT apparently, this guy today thought I was too small. Like how is it ok to judge me. I don’t starve myself, and I work out everyday, yea sure, I work at maintaining my size. But seriously. Like Meghan Trainor’s new song, she call skinny girls skinny bitches. I have never NEVER critized a person for their weight. But because I work at staying this small, I would rather not be more generous in my curves, Im considered a “skinny bitch”. Like its getting messed up. Just because some small people criticize big people doesnt mean you can shove us all inĀ  group and condemn us.

What was Midas’ favorite phrase?

"Stay Gold, Pony boy."